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Clean Booth


・ Clean booth is quite versatile. It can be applied to,
・ but not limited to following operation:

・ Sample collecting
・ Subdividing of powder and liquid
・ Screening(Manual or mechanized)
・ Feeding materials into barrels/containers (IBC/barrels)
・ Granulating
・ Reactor, feeding and discharging of fluid bed dryer, granulator, dry filtration, glass channel


・ Modularized structure, easier cleaning and less seams
・ One, two or three stages of HEAP filtration
・ Detachable panel for easily cleaning of powder filtration inside the clean booth
・ Optional cooling coil for possible heat in the Air system recirculation system
・ Using reliable Dwyer Magnehelic differential pressure gauge for monitoring the airflow inside the clean booth
・ Compact celling panel and rear section maximize the working zone and minimize the floor space

Basic working principle

・ Clean air (HEAP filtration) comes from the supply section (top section) of the clean booth.
・ Down stream captures dust and powder in the air.
・ Air with dust and powder descends to the bottom (rear section) of the clean booth
・ Air with dust and powder passes through the preset filtration and HEAP filtration to remove the dust and powder, and finally the air will recycle.

Technical parameter

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