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CHC Series High Efficient Coater


Can be used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food or other industries.


・ Closed operating system prevents cross-contamination
・ The same device can be equipped with 2 to 3 different sizes of coating drums
・ Unique semi-hole design reduce the wear of tablet core and coat film
・ Unique air duct structure saves energy greatly
・ Apply advanced German polishing technology, equipment surface is more delicate

Basic working principle

・ Clean air (HEAP filtration) comes from the supply section (top section) of the clean booth.
・ Down stream captures dust and powder in the air.
・ Air with dust and powder descends to the bottom (rear section) of the clean booth
・ Air with dust and powder passes through the preset filtration and HEAP filtration to remove the dust and powder, and finally the air will recycle.

Technical parameter

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