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Mini-CG Type Wet Mixing Fast Grandulator


・ Can be used in pharmaceutical,
・ chemical, food or other industries.


・ Unique Z-shaped agitator design, the product can be mixed evenly in a short time
・ Quickly complete granulation. Granulation effect is good, with low binder consumption
・ Interchangeable working vessels with sizes of 1,2,3,4,6,8and 10L,adapt to requirements of different products.
・ Working vessel with flushbonading installation, structure ingenious, easy disassembly and cleaning, cGMP-compliant
・ Agitator axis and chopper axis are designed with hermetic seal to prevent the product coming in and stuck the equipment
・ Wide application range, suitable for granulation of different viscosity characteristics and different particle sizes
・ High-quality stainless steel, as well as the introduction of the German polishing techniques, less product adhesion
・ Air lock device help ensure safety, open equipment after the pan is covered, the equipment will stop as the pan top is opening
・ Optional injecting liquid system (Spray gun and peristaltic pump)

Technical parameter

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