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GHL(Z) Series High Shear Mixer/Granulators


・ Air filled seal drive shaft for to drive. When washing, it can be changed to water.
・ Fluidized granulation, the granule is approximately ball shape. Its flow ability is good.
・ Reproducibility is consistent between patches.
・ Process is shortened. Dry-mixing, wet-mixing and granulating is done in one sealed container, cGMP-compliant.
・ Speed of revolution and time of granulation can be set for different products.
・ Revolution and granulation can be switched between manually or automatically controlled.
・ Terminal current can be set for automatically controlling.
・ Wide application rage, suitable for granulation of different viscosity characteristics and different Particle size.
・ High quality stainless steel with Germany polishing skills result in less adhesion of materials inside the machine.

Optional components

・ Mechanical lifting of mixing propellers
・ Precise measurement of materials' temperature
・ Recording chart of current
・ Lightening for observation inside the container
・ Discharge port equipped with pneumatic seal
・ Airtight port connector
・ Pneumatic switch for adding materials
・ Adjustable adhesive-adding device
・ Liquid injection system with hose metering pump, peristaltic pump, or pressure vessel,and with single nozzle, double nozzle, or airless nozzle
・ Explosion protection
・ WIP system
・ Full automatic control of the machine, its surrounding system and prescription-memorized production line
・ Cover with heating, cooling and temperature control
・ Organic solvent recovery system
・ Clean room related components

Technical parameter

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